Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Le Foodation

So since mum and Uncle Mike are happily holidaying in Malaysia, I've been miss independent and doing the cooking cleaning thing. Preferably the cooking. Pretty fun to see what comes out as a result.

Tried to make adobo pork with the help of Kesiah Maglaque's wise words. Was actually quite nice. 
Obviously not as authentic as one made by a Filipino, but you know, it's getting there.

Then in Home Economics, we made profiteroles

Filled with freshly whipped cream smothered in indulgent chocolate sauce.
Wasn't exactly the best ever result as the consistency is slightly tricky to get.
But hey, it was edible and it had chocolate and cream.

T'was good enough :)

Am absolutely happy at the fact that school ended today for this week!

Thursday - going to Lahinch with the Leaving Cert gang for a retreat
Friday - going to UL's open day
Saturday - going to UCC's open day

road trip!!

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