Sunday, 21 October 2012

Recap of the past weeks

On the 11th October, I headed on a trip together with all the Leaving Certs in my school on a retreat!
Destination : Lahinch
What happened? : Loads of nonsensical fun displayed in the video ahead!

Then on the 12th of October, it was party time for the three birthday people! Richie, Denise and Kuol.
Although Richie was totally oblivious about it as it was a surprise for him.
Involved loads and loads of food... Chinese catering boys!

Just a few days ago, my mother returned from Malaysia! She has gone missing for the past 6 weeks having the time of her life there. She brought back a full set of the new Malaysian notes..that look like Monopoly money. Hahaha! 

Not to forget she came back with a suitcase full of oh-so-awesome FOOD!!!!
Half of them were random packets of sauces and spices needed for regular cooking
the other half consisted of milo, teh tarik and ipoh coffee sachets and snackage like prawn rolls!!
Got one big tub in my room for me to snack.

Chom chom chom.

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