Sunday, 28 October 2012

Surprises & Goodbyes

On Friday, it was Athiei's 21st birthday and we decided to go out for a dinner at 
Just a simple dinner night with a nice chat and nice food and return to the house just to relax

Aromatic Duck Crepes mmmm :)

But he was totally wrong when we returned after the dinner as we arrived to a full house of his close friends and family! People from Shannon, Limerick and even Tralee made their way to celebrate his 21st!

The two maestros behind the plan : Myself and Munyaradzi Jonas a.k.a G

I did the organising side of things like gathering the people
He did the foodation and delegated cooking tasks

So kudos to both of us! :)

His chocolatey brownie-like cake covered with chocolate sauce and freshly whipped cream made by yours truly :)
Kinda glad it was all finished or else there would be loads of wastage.

Athiei's dad was amazing as he prepared four main dishes for the night!
Chicken Korma, 
Minced beef with red sauce,
a huge tray of baked macaroni and cheese
and the all time famous - Roast lamb, with juices that would fill you with utter happiness.

Denise. Marina. Myself.

We then all squashed into the playroom which had the large screen television to witness the 15 minute long video I had compiled for Athiei.

For the past few months I went around interviewing his friends and family while collecting sent videos from other friends from afar. What did the videos entail? Messages from them to him wishing him happy birthday.

So after chasing after millions of people and finally editing them to almost perfection, 
The video was done!

Saturday - Odeon Cinemas - 007 - James Bond - Skyline
We were bored and had an impromptu trip to the cinema.
Laziness grew bigger so we drove there instead of walking.
Laziness grew even more when we parked nearer to the shop to get munchies, then reparked the car nearer to the cinema door so we didn't have to walk across the parking lot.

laziness to the maximum!

On Saturday night we headed to Lelia House in Limerick as there was a
'Hallelujah Party' happening instead of a halloween one.
There were loads of dancing which was cool and energetic and there were even dances choreographed for each worship song. Found that pretty cool.

Athiei wore his birthday gift from moi, blue contact lenses which he was dying to get.
They kinda suit him which is cool :)

Sadly, Marina (left) had her last night in Ireland as she just left for France today to return after completing her work placement. 

One thing I realised is that the last time we visited this church,
we had to say goodbye to Shepherd...and now Marina?

Man. This is depressing.

Then today after church we headed to Elton's house for HIS BIRTHDAY!
There was food constantly being made which was UH-MAY-ZING

Skewered Teriyaki Chicken
Ristorante Chicken with Spinach Pizzas,
Homemade Beef Burgers
Barbequed Chicken Wings
Meatballs with Amazing brown sauce

And the list goes on... and on...

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