Monday, 5 November 2012

Le Fun with Le Siblings

So for the first time in AGESS, all the siblings reunite!
As Sonya's been in Sabah working, Sam's in Subang studying and I've been in Ireland..we've hardly been together at the same time.

So good news is, Sonya's here for 2 weeks! Sam's here for 3 weeks!

Obviously as they travelled halfway across the world, we went sightseeing but this time we went further away from home and headed up to Northern Ireland.

Visited, Newgrange! A passage tomb in Boyne Valley

And the most important thing of all is..


The amount of food we've eaten in the past week can probably feed a family for a month. hahahaha. Nom nom nom nom.

We went further up North to the Giant's Causeway to see all the hexagonal stones and thankfully I didn't fall down whilst trying to climb to the top.

The Titanic Exhibition in Belfast displaying the entire manufacturing process of the Titanic, the people on the ship, those that survived, the actual Morse Code messages that were sent out and all


And, camwhoring with the brother who is browner than me.

Oh! Guess what? Supposedly, I'm not 100% Chinese as I thought.
I'm 1/4 Baba Nyonya and 3/4 Chinese.
From my Dad's side.
Probably explains why I'm not exactly the fair-skinned typical yellow Chinese girl.


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