Friday, 14 December 2012

New York Day 1

So we arrived in NEW YORK! after the 7 hour flight filled with nonstop entertainment such as Step Up Revolution and video games.

Sadly, it was raining quite constantly throughout the entire day. However we got a warm welcome by two boys (probably aged 10) who entered our subway with a boom box and began break dancing! They kinda reminded me of movies such as Hunny.

We checked in at Four Point by Sheraton Hotel in Chelsea. After resting our feet for a while, we decided to fill our tummies with good ol' Soul Food at Hill Country Chicken!!

Mum and I decided to be adventurous and tried a few things

Their old school Fried Chicken! Mhmm.

Pumpkin Pie

Hot Chicken Pot Pie with a Buttermilk biscuit at the bottom

Cowboy Pie (candy in a cup)
Mixture of chocolate, a variety of nuts, caramel and everything else sweet

Then we began to wander around the streets of New York.

 Managed to go to Rockefeller Centre and stare at the humongous Christmas Tree.

Stared at the extra-astronomical sized christmas ornaments at Radio City

And gawked at the bright lights of Times Square

All extremely amazing for just the first day of New York I'd say :)!

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