Friday, 14 December 2012

New York Day 2

We woke up too early in the morning due to jetlag and I stuffed my face with leftover Cowboy Pie from last night.
We headed towards a place to munch for breakfast and I got myself a toasted multigrain bagel with a cheesy spinach omelette.

Mum with her ham and cheese toastie

Uncle mike with his omelette filled with ham. Peppers and onions with fried potatoes on the side

We headed to board the Staten Island Ferry hoping to see the Statue of Liberty on the way as we weren't able to land on Liberty Island due to the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. However, it was so foggy that we saw absolutely zilch

We paid our respects to the hundreds of people that died at the 9 11 catastrophe. Ground Zero has indeed become a beautiful memorial site

Mum and I wandered around scavenging for more food and opted for the Japanese side of things. A delicious variety of sushi

A hot bowl of Seafood Udon Noodle Soup!

Then we proceeded to meet up with Sandra Tan from Malaysia who's studying at NYU. She offered to meet up and we reconnected over Malaysian Hor fun and char kuay teow.

Wandered through Chinatown and Little Italy to return to our hotel 

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