Friday, 14 December 2012

New York Day 3

Breakfast was served and it was absolutely amazing!

 We were even given the opportunity of making our own waffles there! With our own iron waffle and mix and everything!

 We decided to venture out into Walmart that has neverending opportunities with so many products that you can't possibly go home empty handed!

Spongebob Shaped Macaroni and Cheese

We walked over to Central Park and bought honey roasted cashews as well as lamb over rice from the street vendors which were tasty!

We then explored Central Park's Christmas Market which had loads of random knick knacks. 


And obviously we walked into Central Park but couldn't really manage to cover the entire park cos it was ginormous!

  Then we headed towards New York's Library which had a free exhibition of Charles Dickens

 Next stop : Grand Central Terminal which has been seen many a time in movies!

Had some warmmmm apple cider 

Empire State Building!

Where did we go next? Only the largest store in the world - Macy's!!

Too many things and too many escalators and shoe sales didn't make it any less claustrophobic

We finished the day by paying Korean Town a visit with loads of korean food!!

 We had spicy rice with squid and pork in a hot pot with a hugeeee variety of side dishes it was amazing!

For the last night in New York it was amazing :)

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