Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Roaming Thoughts

flashback from 2009
Decided to give Amanda Ooi Wan Yie a birthday call when I got back from school.
As usual she sounded extremely hyper and I could hear a vague Ken-Ji in the background.
Managed to catch up with her over 20 minutes, obviously, not enough time to know everything.

However I did get offered a lift from the airport when I land in Malaysia on 
1st July 7.35am.
Looks like there's more than Jon Ho welcoming me at the airport eh?

With Christmas approaching, my wallet is emptying.
Definitely need to replenish this flattening wallet of mine. 

Secret Santa amongst my classmates were really good. I had an amazing time being Amy's secret santa whilst getting surprised that Anna was mine! Her gift is already hanging on my bedroom wall - A 
Where's Wally? Calendar. 

I guess other than that, as the days are approaching the new year - 2013
Thoughts have been much more abundant in my mind than usual.

My mind is just a huge messed up ball of worries
Exams. College. The Future in general. A haunting past that might actually be nothing but my mind just makes it seem to be a huge catastrophe.

Silly Audrey
You need to sleep.
Go catch some Zs

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