Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Selamat Hari Krismas

The turkey was roasting in the oven and it was Christmas morning!

Woke up looking like Rudolph due to several reasons
1) I wonderfully fell sick yesterday and the tissues have been rubbing my nose too much
2) There's a ginormous erupting zit on the tip of my nose [hoora]

Helped mum to prepare the mashed potatoes along with the chopping parts of all the veggies whilst still in my comfy PJs. After that we finally sat down to enjoy the delicious meal

And dinner is never complete without delicious dessert!

A pavlova filled with the creamiest cream ever, decorated with strawberries, assorted grapes, oranges and chocolate all over it!

Absolutely sinful! (The best way to have it)


Got a package from Malaysia from my darling brother Samuel who got me a white Carlo Rino purse
which wonderfully matches with the white Carlo Rino bag I got passed on from mum a few months ago!

Anna my secret santa from school got me a Where's Wally book along with my Where's Wally 2013 Calendar

Mum & Uncle Mike & Sonya got me some cash which is always amazing cos I realised my wallet was getting rather flat

Michael & Mark who got me a matching hat and scarf.
Aunt Katherine & Martin that got me comfy PJs..which I am now wearing
Paul,Aisling & Linda that got me bath sets

Lezanne who got me a little pocket daily planner for my organising self to go crazy
It even has 2014 in it :D So it really is a joint present till then

Mum got her fair share of Chocolates and pigs this year though hahaah!

On Sunday night, we had our Christmas Service at church and it was like no other.
Church's definitely not boring in my eyes :) Watch to just see how it ain't exactly the most typically traditional celebration

Aside from that, 
Had a Christmas dinner together with Athiei and his family and several others from Limerick Baptist Church as a mini farewell party to those that returned back to America & Germany :)

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