Saturday, 8 December 2012

Sinead's 21st

It was Sinead's 21st and we all decided to crash at her house..upon invitation that is.
We all pitched in together to get her an Urban Decay Naked 2 Set, gift chosen by moi.
Thankfully I decided to get her the 2nd Set and not the 1st cause she got it from her brother haha!

So we had loads of pizza and delicious cupcakes made by her mumsie.

Spent the day chilling while Murli brought up the topic of what 'sin' really is? and it was definitely interesting to hear the different perspectives from each person in the room. Simar came along as well so got to see her for the 2nd time :)

Cathal and I managed to tinkle along on the Grand Piano in the background.
Made me miss the grand back home :)

Murls and G.

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