Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Trip up to Trin

Initially I hadn't anyone to go up to Trinity's Open Day with. But suddenly Cathal said he wanted to go up with so we decided to take the bus together.

Ironically, he managed to get on the intended bus whereas I didn't due to it being full and dublincoach annoyingly doesn't have any online sales resulting in unforeseen events such as this.

But I caught the next bus and was forced to wait another hour, missing one of my intended talks in Trinity ( great eh?) but then we managed to just stroll along the streets of Dublin and one of the street performers caught me snapping photographs...and posed like that.

Then darling Denise offered us a lift back from Dublin as she was up there with her family as well
Thank you Uncle Elijah :)! Saved us very valuable bus money indeed.

Then since I spent the night in Limerick, I couldn't make it to Shannon Christian Church and decided to visit Limerick's Baptist Church along with Athiei's family. My 2nd time!

This was before the service begun mind you. The younger ones were practising for the morning praise and worship. So Ath took my camera and began snapping.

Did the same to him anyway. Him attempting to put on Marina's expression.

Well anyway recently I've been just bamboozled with so much I really haven't much time to have any


Busy organising 

1) Transportation for Sinead's upcoming birthday party
2) Jamzone's upcoming Christmas Party (14th)
3) Impromptu trip to New York with family, me being the primary tour guide in a place I've never been to, thus, RESEARCH! (Although I'm extremely excited for this)
4) Studying for the neverending tests and fretting for the upcoming Leaving Certificate as the CAO applications are now open.


I wanna have a break

Go for a spa or something?

Ah well, too broke, I'll just sip a cup of piping hot chocolate and eat. That should suffice.

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