Friday, 25 January 2013


Having someone else's DSLR in your hands never makes you satisfied.
At first, it's absolutely amazing using it for the occasional event.
But then, you get addicted to the photo quality and you want to have one for your own.

So, as I was scrolling through the Internet lately, I came across a mouthwatering deal.
I wasn't looking for a professional level DSLR, just a basic one was all I could really afford anyway.
This was absolutely perfect because I read several reviews that

Canon's EOS 1100D was one of the best basic DSLRs in its year of production.

So here's my new baby.
The Canon EOS 1100D which cost me only 385!

What's worse is that my Leaving Cert mocks begin this Tuesday and I'm so tempted to go experimented with my new gadget! :)

The excitement that filled my veins when I saw that package lying on my bed.

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