Wednesday, 2 January 2013


31st December
Louise celebrated her birthday and we decided to have a lunch wonderfully cooked by Aunt Pearl after church on Sunday.

Lasagna and delicious banoffee pie

1st January
Along with that, we celebrated Murli's birthday as well with another nut filled swiss roll cake :)

Then since I only really get to hang out with Ath during the holidays, we made sure we had a fattish pig out.

A half priced tub of Ben and Jerries - Winter Berry Brownie which has creamy vanilla ice cream with raspberry and blackberry swirls within it together with chunks of brownies!

And watched Love Actually :)
Feel good multi-story chick flick sort of thing.

Then yesterday we had Denise's Farewell as she's going off to Namibia for 4 months for a mission trip.
So, loud music and dancing with a super mixed group of friends from Shannon and Limerick

Trent's back from Spain looking browner as ever.
Sadly I had to go back just before midnight.
But the bigger surprise happened at the party later at 1 in the morning.

It was a party also to celebrate Murli's 22nd birthday which was a nice surprise for him.
Not to mention, his girlfriend Marina flew back from France and appeared at the party.
Double surprise !!!!

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