Monday, 7 January 2013

My 19th

Elton planned a surprise birthday party for me which wasn't entirely the best surprise really..
But I was just glad that I didn't have to lift a finger for the entire thing!
Faces that I didn't expect to see turned up and it was great to just catch up with many.

Sinead showed up with my favourite, profiteroles!! Especially since its freshly made by her full of amazing freshly whipped cream with dark and white chocolate all over it!

What was even more amazing was the fact that she made me a piano cake!
And what was shocking was that it was made out of rainbow coloured, layered sponge internally!

I also shared the birthday together with Claudia! So it was great to share it together!

Kesiah. Athiei. Me. Justyna

Denise and Kimberly decided to get me a bag of random goodies together with a fake rootbeer and all!

Aunt Pearl then decided to give me a huge bowl of trifle with more cream after church!

What caught me by surprise was when Athiei gave me my birthday present
A song dedicated to me in an mp3 form and all, so I can listen to it as much as I like

I loved it
It made me cry
Proof that I loved it :)

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