Thursday, 3 January 2013

My Pre-19th

As I'm turning 19 on the 6th of January, I decided to just have a small non-party thing this year with a bunch of close friends from school.

Thus, we had a girly chitchat night with loads of food

Orla decided to come straight from Lahinch after getting caught in the rain and everything. But it was still lovely as she managed to come regardless of the whole hair and make up thing :)

Orla also brought me an absolutely delicious black forest swiss roll cake which was amazing
There was so much freshly whipped cream in it that it was absolutely 


Starring Anna in the middle who too decided to come late due to her mess up with transportation but it didn't matter..cos she came anyway!

Jade who was crowned the queen of lateness as she arrived 3 hours later straight from Galway and headed straight for the sweets! (just kidding) 

But it was a lovely dinner together with too much girl talk and everything.
Big thank you to mumsie for cooking the delicious fried rice with roasted chicken, ribs and sausages with gravy :)

This is my last year as a teenager!
I feel old.


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