Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New Faces

One of mum's readers, Aunty Judy in Malaysia decided to leave her a message saying that she was actually going to be visiting Ireland as her daughter is studying in Dublin. So, mum invited her over to our house for the night and we went our for dinner together!

Goreng pisang aka banana fritters with vanilla ice cream. and many other delicious sinful desserts were consumed tonight.

Was fun making a new friend, Lisa her daughter who's currently studying in Ireland. 
Interesting to meet a total stranger and then have a sleepover, bond over Pokemon and KPop.
Yes I didn't exactly study as much as I would have liked

But howlah to study when there's visitors over that don't exactly come that often?
Was nice to get a little breather from the studies today. "I Guess".

Music Listening paper today was rather tricky.
Just hope and pray that the study I did was sufficient to pull me through a good grade! :)
Biology this Thursday. 
Come and get me! Woo!

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