Sunday, 27 January 2013

Talent or Money

Studying the ol' Friar Lawrence theme from the Fantasy Overture of Romeo and Juliet by Tchaikovsky. 
The one thing I love about studying Music is that it's actually enjoyable and all you gotta do is put on some headphones and listen to your iPod.

Suddenly I felt random bits of gummies pelting me from across the living room and realised they were all yellow, courtesy of Kuol who didn't like yellow gummy dinosaurs.

Athiei. Godknows. Trent.
On Saturday Night, I headed over to the South Court Hotel in Limerick to watch the Munster finals of the All-Ireland Talent Show for secondary school students to support the one and only...


This is the video of Kesiah singing for the last 1 minute of her song as sadly I didn't realise that to record I had to press a different button, not the shoot button so I missed the first half of the performance,

But check out her voice though! It's amazing! :)

Below are some of the other contestants.

a Traditional Irish group 

An extremely vibrant girl who has musicality oozing out of her. She did an amazing number with loads of spunk and attitude and drama. Was absolutely entertaining watching her

Two girls that did a full mash up of several songs which was pretty cool too

Pianist and singer.
However the downer of being able to listen to pitch kind of terminates majority of the enjoyment of performances as every performance was more like counting the number of times someone went off pitch.

There were two harpists who were astounding! Absolutely loved how they mixed it up with modern and instrumental tunes in the one. Watching their fingers go were amazing!

The winner of the Munster finals were a rock band that sang Little Lion Man. 
Truthfully, yes they were good, but they weren't the best because after watching all the performances there were a few others that deserved it more than them (in my opinion)

The only reason why I believe they got through was through the public voting system.

Each person in the audience was entitled to one vote, but you could BUY votes as well.
So during the break, I saw people spending hundreds of euros to buy votes for their favourite performance. Which isn't really a battle of talent is it?

During the announcement of the results,

Kesiah managed to get into the semi finals which will be in February so we're absolutely excited! :)

Ja and I! So after the whole event we all headed home to eat loads of food because we were absolutely Famished!

Experimenting with the new camera.
Can you guess what this is?

Can you?

Can you?

Well, its the bottom of a cup with hot chocolate that was left to remain for a day..which ended up with a tree-looking design.

Cool eh?

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