Sunday, 10 February 2013

Post Mocks Weekend

After school, went over to Athiei's house and decided to make french toast for the both of us.
Brought a bottle of Hershey's chocolate sauce.

Caught up with Athiei due to my absence for the past 2 weeks and gave no attention to my books :) Which was absolutely amazing.

On the Saturday evening, we headed over to Johnny's house with the worship team and had freshly baked cookies by Johnny together with cold glasses of milk and delicious cup of hot coffee

Chinese New Year was today with the year of the Snake
Sent and received several wishes through the phone.
Got my one and only angpao packet from mummy and Uncle Mike
Mum, Uncle Mike and I decided to go to Canton House down the street to celebrate the New Year.

Deep fried prawn wanton with sweet and sour sauce

House Special with Peppercorn sauce

Banana fritters with vanilla ice cream drizzled with golden syrup

So here's to a week of no study and pure relaxation!!!!

So excited.

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