Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Pre-Valentines Day

Getting Valentines Day gifts can be rather tricky after several years, so I figured to do the one thing guaranteed that he would love, 


So chocolate chip cookies it was, with a huge packet of Hershey's chocolate chips I smuggled in from New York! Rather than by the miniscule packets of chocolate chips they sell here.

Decided to make his big alphabet cookies to spell out his name for funsies.

Since he hadn't any college for most of the day, I came over to bake more goodies with him!
Our second time baking together, and we decided to bake the good ol' cinnamon rolls topped with cream cheese icing! They turned out absolutely delicious and HUMONGOUS! Yay for expansion of dough!

Big thumbs up to recipe from Mummy Manda. :)

As he has a long college day on Valentines Day, we decided to celebrate it a day before, on the 13th.
We went to watch Wreck It Ralph! Which I've wanted to see for months!
I know it's been released in Malaysia several months ago but yes it has only arrived in Ireland several days ago (unfortunately)

The cartoon was amazing!! :) Loved the overload of sugary puns throughout the movie
Dunkin, the doughnut.
Very nice.
Very nice indeed.

After the movie, we didn't exactly wanna have dinner so decided to go to McD's just for a chat-a-lat together with munchies. 

He got me twisty fries! yay!

And we went back and my clumsiness dominated me once more.
Tried to reach for something at the back of the fridge, totally ignoring what was in front of it.
That resulted in a huge tub of beef curry pouring down my dress. Genius ha?
At least it was the end of the day hahaha!

I had an amazing time just spending time with you :)
Thank you for the movie, the food, the laughter and everything that came with it. 
Oh yes, the love :)

Happy Valentines Day to everyone who's reading this!
Regardless of having a boyfriend or not, show some love to those that you do love
Mummy? Best friends? Ridiculous best friends?
Ah you'll figure it out :)!

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