Monday, 18 February 2013

Valentine Weekend

Jamzone Youth had a Valentines Night on Friday and for the first time I wasn't involved in any of the planning! Which was absolutely amazing as I could properly enjoy the night without worrying about the details.

Began the night out with the "Husband and Wife" Game where men had to protect their 'wives' from running off to other empty chairs with dangerous winking 'husbands'. Was hilarious when the girls switched places with the guys and they were much more aggressive than the guys

We then had our valentines day quiz which entailed Guy-themed questions for the girls and vice versa. Sadly this year the guys won (boohoo) due to the sad lack of knowledge we have of sports-related questions.

This year we had pizza, chicken goujons, deep fried onion bhajis which were absolutely delicious. Funnily when the girls were allowed to take our food first, most of it was cleared out before the guys even had a taste

The church was decorated absolutely beautifully! Candlelit dinner in the middle of the church with little cut hearts scattered upon the white lacy tablecloth. Absolutely stunning!
Credits to Athiei for taking this lovely picture

Athiei and I :) 
Had an amazing time at the Valentines Night as I actually managed to spend time with him since I didn't have to run around haha! 

Lezanne and Sinead attempting to stick as many hearts as they could on their noses.
The absolute concentration on their faces

juicy little cocktail sausages
On Sunday then we went over to Aunt Pearl's house for lunch and she outdid herself!

Delicious toasted garlic bread 

CHICKEN! Plates and Plates of scrumptious roasted chicken

We were absolutely stuffed and it was muy delicioso! Had a great time hanging out with the friends too. Missed a lot with the mocks and everything.

The entire crowd at Aunt Pearl's. Kuol and Richie came along with us to Shannon this weekend too which was fun as we had more people sleeping over at Elton's!

Also Shannon Christian Church's worship team just successfully came up with our very own song! We recorded it fully with original lyrics, instrumental and everything!
Sounds amazing :)

Then went back with Lovey and just hung out for awhile before he brought me home.
Had an amazing break of a week. 
And since school is beginning once more tomorrow, I'm properly rejuvenated! Woohoo


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