Monday, 4 March 2013

Music Explosion

Kesiah competed in the All-Ireland Semi Finals School Talent Competition.
It was once again held in South Court Hotel Limerick!
Truthfully the competition that night was rather boring. Many of the competitors all had the similar or same genre that put half the audience to sleep. Was pretty interesting to see the amount of people on their smartphones and tablets.

Obviously, I went there to support Kesiah and despite the fact she couldn't make it to the finals, it was still amazing to see her perform.
At the end of the day, it wasn't her best performance because she fell sickeningly sick that day.
But oh well!

Also about 2 weeks ago the entire worship team headed to Johnny's house for a pizza and movie night! 
Because Isorah had returned from Switzerland for a short while so it was a sweet get together

However we have been doing more than just hanging out as we wrote and recorded our very own song.

Trent Maglaque
Godknows Jonas

Athiei Ajuong

Audrey Chew Ernern

Singers (in order of appearance) :
Trent Maglaque
Claudia Akhimein
Colleen Cesar
Kesiah Maglaque 
Audrey Chew Ernern

Rappers (in order of appearance) :
Murli Boevi
Godknows Jonas

Song editor
Trent Maglaque

Lyric Video
Louise Good

Marina came back from France for a surprise week long visit!
 Murli was certainly happy :)
She came back with super awesome poofy hair that was crazily soft and addictive to play with!
Had tortillas at Elton's house on Sunday and it was noms!

Thank you Athiei for bringing me home after church so I could hang out with Marina for awhile!

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