Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Easter Recap

 What Is Love? Concert was on the last Saturday and the place was packed!
Everything went smoothly. 
Funnily enough in the morning Joe our drummer got severe food poisoning and couldn't stop throwing up.
We thought we were done for but we just decided to pray and put it in God's hands
And miraculously he was able to play with loads of energy and gave his all :)

Colleen! :) I wonder if I've ever put your photograph on my blog actually.

Also, watch Cathal and Amy dancing if you weren't there that night !

Athiei and his super enthusiastic face.
Spent most of my holidays with him mostly because I needed to go to Limerick Tutorial for one whole week and it was much easier for me to just stay at his house rather than commute from my house every single day.

Spend 9am - 5.30pm every single day in Tutorial was crazy
Maths was very good though, helped me a lot in understanding the concepts.
Was cool to go to the revision course together with Kesiah as well

Not to forget the fun catching up session with Sheppy over Skype together with Athiei :)

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