Sunday, 21 April 2013

Trent's 24th Birthday at the Beach

At 7 in the morning, we were hoping and praying for a day of good weather and then we saw a great sign - a rainbow, showing that the rain has passed! As we were going down to Salthill and Connemara for Trent's birthday

All aboard the bus! We had about 25 of us! Lezanne sat in the front with her luscious green-blue seaweed mermaid looking hair (she participated in the Shave or Dye campaign)

*credits to Lezanne Snyman for group photograph.
When we were about to reach our beach destination in Connemara, we randomly decided to jump out of the bus and take a photo by this large rock. Yay rock. 

Bus partner: Mr Sleepy Face Athiei :)
After a long 2-3 hour bus ride, we finally reached the beach! It was a great sunny day. However it was slightly chilly with the wind blowing at goodness knows what km per hour.

But regardless of coldness, a number of us jumped into the icy cold waters including moi! 
Was kinda funny cause about 3 or 4 of us who went in didn't know how to swim anyway but just went up to chest level and felt our bodies quickly turning numb and senseless due to the temperature of the water

After the chilly weather, a good ol' Barbeque was set up and was taken care of by Elton and Johnny, the great cooks! 
We smartly forgot to bring our own grill to place the meat, but a kind soul who lived near the beach lent it to us! Thus, delicious burger patties, sausages, chicken wings were all available

Joy, Joe's friend was happily playing football with a little dog we met along the beach who had many tricks up his fur. Ran like the wind and attempted to bite the ball but his jaw wouldn't open that wide haha!

Had an amazing trip down with the guys for a relaxing Saturday.
Ended the day with some good ol' fish and chips from the chipper with loads of salt and vinegar.


ON ANOTHER NOTE (note the pun),

I'm done with my Leaving Certificate Music Practicals!!!!

After practising my 4 piano pieces endlessly, I finally pulled it off together with God by my side.

He first of all, gave me the talent
Secondly, he took away every single drop of nervousness and killed all the butterflies in my stomach.
Now it's just 6 more weeks to the Leaving Cert which I'm going to slave over!

Praise the Lord !
Bring it on!!


Kevin said...

What pieces did you play for your practical exam? :)

a.c.e. said...

Hey Kevin sorry for the late reply! :) I had four songs.

1) Richard Clayderman's Marriage D'Amour

2) Jon Schmidt's All Of Me

3) Pirates of the Caribbean remix

4) Final Fantasy's Those Who Fight