Saturday, 4 May 2013

Limerick Riverfest

Went with Athiei to the Limerick Riverfest for the day. Was rather amusing to see the Malaysian flag being flown in the wind at the Abundant Life Church's barbecue stand. 

Two of the chefs and distributors of delicious barbecued delicacies all for free too!
T'was amazing hopping from stall to stall experimenting with all the different barbecued goods.
Not to forget the continental stalls that sold

Irish fish chowder, German bratwurst sausages, French pastries, Italian nougat, Chinese noodles, Spanish paella, just to name a few.

Thank goodness Gabby came along with me as being another typical Asian, had a passion for food and sharing food so we were able to pool our money together to get a selection of nomsical foods

Music began to start and the first band up was amazing!
Their songs were crazily catchy and my body just couldn't stop grooving to the beat.
Very good quality music along with an entertaining band that seemed so full of life!

The trumpet blares throughout the songs just completed the entire song giving it a mighty punch and oh so much 


Athiei's I'm-so-excited-and-happy face.

Or really

Audrey-please-stop-taking-my-picture face

Then Nora and Denise came over and became my partners of dancing to the catchy tunes and also my extra team of food investigators later in the afternoon.

Johnny came with his two kids as well and obviously, he loved the music so much.
Candid photographs credits to Denise who didn't know how to work the camera and took way too many shots.

Then Marina came down from France for the week and we were able to spend some time together!
Went on an impromptu drive trip with Ath, Murli, Marina and Godknows!

Ended up stopping by Dunnes and driving to unknown rural areas outside of Limerick, was pretty cool.
Had a fun day nonetheless! God blessed us with no rain and a rather sunny day too so yeah!

Parcels from eBay arrived at my doorstep a couple of days ago!
Here's my 32 piece make-up brush set ! For only 10 euros.

And I finally got a new 9 cell battery for my dying laptop and now it's truly revived and lasts for hours! My previous battery would last for a maximum of 25 minutes (I know my battery should have been changed way before now but I never got around to it anyway)

Only cost me about 25 euro. 

I love Internet shopping yes I do.

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