Friday, 24 May 2013

St. Anne's Graduation 2013

So we graduated from St. Anne's. Our past 2 weeks of hard work of preparing for the music paid off.
Had an amazing time with all my classmates and created new memories which will forever be remembered.

Piano: Audrey Chew
Guitar: Noel McInerney
Drums: Eoin Bourke Maguire
Choir: Loads and loads of people :)

Here's a duet between Claudia and Jade singing For Good from the musical, Wicked

Piano: Audrey Chew
Singer (left): Jade Hoynes
Singer (right): Claudia Kinahan

Graduation photograph!
Sadly not everyone is looking I know that, but it was really difficult to coordinate it when everyone was talking and there were tons of parents trying to photograph them at the same time.
So I'm sorry if you don't look the best in it

Ms Mcdonnell and Ms Egan were both here which was amazing for all of us and almost made me cry during my speech as Ms Egan was staring directly at me. But I successfully held composure! Hahah and didn't cry!
Was honoured to be part of the opening address :)

Phelim, Anna and myself!

And thank you Athiei and Uncle Mike for coming to support me in my graduation as mummy wasn't able to make it as she's in Malaysia. Really meant a lot to me!

Connor and his amazing outfit! 

Orla..the one who went a little too crazy last night



And the bestie, Anna who made my night being my dance partner throughout the after party. You looked so hot! Hahaha. It was amazing and even though you stepped on me with your dreadful heels causing my bones to bruise I love you.

T'was an amazing night indeed!
Thank you to everyone who played a part in it and made it as memorable as it was.

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