Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Almost at the end

So in exactly 11 days, I will be touching down to the beloved tanah of Malaysia. 
My flight shalt be arriving at 7.35 am on the Monday morning and Ken-Ji shalt be picking me up (I hope that's still valid..yes?)

The details of my trip to Malaysia is within the photograph above.
I really do want to make my trip back home thoroughly full so please leave me a Facebook message or a comment on this blogpost if you'd wish to meet up with me when I'm home.

Let me know your work/college schedules and I'll try to meet up with you during your breaks and so on.
I'm super excited to be going back home as I haven't been there since 2011 and I'm sure a lot has changed but yet the faces have not.

Also want to thank the lovely boyfriend regarding the surprise and spontaneous trip to the lake nearby Killaloe to take me away from my stress-filled study time.

Gerald Barry's Piano Quartet No.1 does not have a good impact on me nor does Bach's Cantata BWV 78
(if you're wondering, these are the set works I have to study for my Music examination which takes place in less than 12 hours)

In exactly 12 hours and 42 minutes, my Leaving Certificate examination shall be complete and I shall be free from the terror...well sort of, August 14th is another dreaded day, my results day!

let me know if you'd like to meet up with me fellow Malaysian friends :)

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