Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Kah Chun Visits Killaloe!

Picked Kah Chun up from the Limerick Bus Station yesterday as he came down from Kilkenny.
Boo to Bus Eireann who let the connecting bus leave Clonmel before he even arrived there! He had to wait for another 2 hours to catch the next bus!

Then we headed to Odeon to see World War Z and while we were there Cocacola was giving out personalised 150ml cans. We could put our own names on them too! Only if we bought the large combo set from the cinema though. Those nacho chips with hot melted cheese and salsa sauce was heavenly!

Then Athiei came to join the both of us and we went back to Killaloe and spent the entire night playing Qwelf laughing ourselves silly, making ourselves develop our own abs!

Brought him on a tour around the place and took loads of photographs. Thank God for the great weather! Spent an hour or two just walking around stalking several ducks

Dropped by Scoops in Ballina for some delicioso ice cream. Got myself some honeycomb vanilla ice cream while Kah Chun got some black forest ice cream, which was absolutely amazing!!

Spent some time lazing in the sun, chatting like mad while absorbing some good ol' vitamin D!
Unfortunately he's leaving tomorrow morning :( at an extremely ungodly hour but was great to have him over :)

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