Monday, 24 June 2013

Leaving Certificate..OVER!

As I finished the final Music: Composing paper, I exited the school, knowing it's the final time I'd have to wear that school uniform or look at any of those notes and books I had. School is officially over for good.

Then a couple of us headed over to Phelim's house for funsies 
(Anna and I came up with the spectacular plan)

The O'Hagan's treated us very well with a barbecue and tons of food and ice cold Cocacola cans. Spent hours chatting by the balcony with the warm comfy duvets supplied by Phelim's mummy. Till we realised it was way past midnight.

Who was there?
Phelim, Myself, Anna, Stuart and Orla!

We then proceeded to the Playroom where we discovered the best photograph in the house.
Phelim's baby picture! Wooo! When he was blonde and all.

Then we played some sort of board game that had DVD interactions together with it which resulted in very competitive people. Was pretty fun though.. till we realised the sun began to rise.

The ultimately most attractive of yours truly. It was too disgusting that I couldn't not put it up.

In the end we didn't sleep till 9 in the morning. Basically we just talked till the cows came home

Then I craved to cook some pancakes at three in the morning, but Phelim said I could only cook at 6 in case I made too much noise. So six it was!


Then after taking a 2 hour power nap, my parents came to pick me up and we headed towards Galway!
Aunty Soo Choon had popped by Ireland and she came together with her friend, Alison who had been in Malaysia for several years as well.

We stopped by Coole Park and saw some fancy looking trees and the place was absolutely beautiful

Check out the distorted branches! Perfect for climbing trees, if you're able that is.

So, what's planned next for the week?
Kah Chun from Malaysia is coming over to visit me for a couple of days, so stay tuned till then! 

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