Sunday, 21 July 2013

Cebu Trip Day 1

Samuel, Sonya and I flew over to Cebu, Philippines last night thanks to Sam's win of his previous competition with Cebu Airlines. We arrived at night and headed straight to Marco Polo hotel at 2a.m. We were ravishing and they gave us food that I felt was left for other guests as it was specially reserved. But they gave us buns, soup, cookies and drinks all for free! How nice!

The next morning we woke up and headed to Jolibee for brunch. All I heard from Ja and Kesiah was " You must go to Jolibee when you get to Pinas!" So we went and scoffed it down. I ordered the chicken that came with palabok cause all I thought of was Ate Ianne's palabok which I love! 

We then bought some Lechon Baboy and it tasted abit like larger siew yoke which was pretty good. 

There were many traditional cakes nearby as well that was made mostly of coconut milk, sugar, rice and the occasional tapioca and more. The lady was really kind to explain what each one was made from.

We headed to our next hotel which was provided for by Cebu Airlines, the Marriott Hotel. In the fountain nearby there was a stranded poor little bloated frog who was swimming away from the kids who were trying to catch it. Some adult saved it though :)

Went to Goldilocks and bought a fluffy sponge cake which was absolutely delicious. Recognised its name because of Kesiah and Ja once again who were raving about it in Ireland.

Samuel blogging as part of his work assignment :)

We went to the Fort San Pedro and scouted around taking photographs and glaring at every couple who were showing rather large amounts of P.D.A. (public display of affection)

We walked over to Magellan's Cross and squeezed through the large crowd that was attending the Sunday Mass standing around in the sweaty and sticky area.

We then hopped on to a local jeepney and paid 8 pesos for a few minutes ride! The ultimate local experience I guess? Being squashed in a little jeep-like vehicle which is decorated intricately on the outside. 

Stopped by some of the local hawker stalls as they displayed sticks of different animal parts 
- pork, chicken, liver, giblets, intestines and many more.

They barbecued it and hopefully that's enough to destroy all the wonderful bacteria living there :)
Hopefully tomorrow's toilet breaks won't be too nasty :)

Heading out for Dinner soon, so TOODLES! :)

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