Monday, 22 July 2013

Cebu Trip Day 2!

As the trip continues throughout Cebu, so does the munching and tasting.
So here's the ultra-sweet halo-halo!

And some Sinigang Baboy (tamarind based soup with pork, kangkung, onions and other veg with rice)

We headed over to the Cebu Port and waited to board on the boat towards Tagbilaran.
We were entertained by a live band playing and singing really well for the blind society. :)

Sonya, myself and Sammy! Once we reached, we got a taxi and headed towards the beach as Chocolate Hills was slightly too far away. 

There were many shacks provided for families and friends to bring loads of food and eat by the beach. There were also many mini stalls by the side selling freshly cut mangoes! Mangoes definitely seem to be the speciality of Philippines.

T'was a lovely day and the sun was shining but it wasn't too overbearing!
Felt like a really perfect day to just chill.

Lovely beach with all its mesmerising colours.

I sorta kinda really definitely maybe might have missed someone.

We had a nomalicious platter of grilled food!
Pork, squid, prawns, fish and chicken with a bowl of toyamansi sauce in the middle

Decided to go do my nails as it was really cheap and my nails have been growing (hallelujah I'm succeeding in stopping myself from nibbling my nails!) It was only 160 pesos for a manicure and a pedicure which is about RM11 / 3 euros!

Sam and his beer during dindins :)

Mango Shake in all its goodness

Chicken Katsu Don @ Teriyaki Boy

Gyoza @ Teriyaki Boy

Crazy California Roll 

Gyuniku Ramen - Noodles with beef, leek and an egg with sesame seeds scattered around

Ate too much for our own good but t'was yummy

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