Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Cebu Trip Day 3 !

Sam woke up late and allowed me to take his place for the buffet breakfast at the Marriott ! 
So I basically took a little of everything from the elaborate spread provided there.

Had some rice porridge with a cheese, spinach and tomato omelette with a baked stuffed tomato and some corned beef

A delicious blend of fresh mango and blueberries! 

After breakfast went for a short swim (thank goodness for a 1.3m deep swimming pool!) and soon we had to check out and head towards the airport!

Myself and Sammy at the airport as Sonya already headed back to Kinabatangan in the wee hours of the morning as she had to go back to work! So sad.

Flying over le Cebu in the daylight as compared to the first night shot I took!
T'was a lovely bonding trip for the 3 siblings to reunite once more before we part ways again :)
Thanks Sam and Sonya for providing for me throughout the entire trip :) teehee. 

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