Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 24 - Egg Custard!!

Chia Sing came over in the wee hours of the morning with an amazing spread for breakfast.
She introduced me to this amazing wonder of an egg yolk custard filled steamed bun which was absolutely heavenly

She also brought some crunchy pork-filled yam 

My craving for chee cheong fan was also satisfied!!

Jon Ho then joined us after his school hours were over to see me for the very last time before I fly off on Tuesday due to his busy study schedule for Form 6 examinations. Thank you for the pan mee oh hoho :)

(from left) Li Jian, Julia, moi, Chia Sing and Shaun Chien!
Had an impromptu meet up with them as I didn't exactly plan with them to meet up. It was pretty much a crash visit tagging along with Chia Sing :P Had a nice time in the Upstairs Cafe in SS12 and also bumped into Eunice Ong there!

Treated Ken-Ji and Wern Nie to some Baskin Robbins ice cream as it was an offer of the entire waffle with 8 mini scoops of ice cream for only RM10.50! We then went over to eat some Swedish meatballs at Ikea!
Also bumped into Wen Li, Nicole and Daniel Chai!

Daniel Yoong joined us later and ate very hurriedly due to his famished tums.
Had a really full day meeting up with people.

Realising that I only have 5 more days in Malaysia and I'm sad and yet excited to see more familiar faces back in Ireland :)

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