Saturday, 13 July 2013

Day 11 & 12 - Ipoh Trip of Chomping

Wei Yng, Kaelan, Bryan (new found friend) and I hopped on to the train at KL Sentral and headed towards Ipoh for 2 days of nonstop eating!

The original plan was for me, Kaelan and Wei Yng to go down but then since Kaelan new a local over there, Bryan he suggested that we crash at his place and even though he didn't even know us, he let us come over!

So here's some of the food that we scoffed down over our two day trip

Steamed egg cake with kaya (coconut jam)

Ipoh iced coffee

beef and bean sprout herbal soup

dry kuay teow (flat rice noodles)

char kuey teow (fried flat rice noodles)

We had another impromptu trip to the hot springs in Tambun! Something we didn't even know existed
The water went up to 45 degrees and it was all natural! Obviously they fixed in pools and pumps etc. but boy was it refreshing to submerge in a pool of hot water to soak. Feeling dizzy was pretty common too. But oh so worth it for RM18

After soaking ourselves, we were famished and went to eat some chicken satay with cucumbers and onions

claypot chicken rice with lap cheong (sweet dried pork sausages)

chicken hor fun (chicken with slightly spicy flat rice noodle soup)


The guys headed over to play snooker while Wei Yng and I suffered with second hand smoke and continued to take selfies.

Then after only 1 hour of the past meal, we went to get desserts at a famous tong sui shop that was among many other hawker stalls

mixed fruit salad (fresh mangoes, grapes, nangka, pears, watermelon), jellies, shaved ice and a blob of yam ice cream

bobo chacha! shaved ice with yam, sweet potato, sago, santan (coconut milk) all deliciously combined into a bowl

A hot bowl of thick red bean soup

We decided to go for an impromptu trip to the cinema to catch Pacific Rim.
As I live under a rock, I didn't even know what the story line was about. I just had a hunch that it was similar to Transformers in terms of ginormous robots rampaging around the city.

It had a cool story line and I was at the edge of my seat for the entire movie.
I accidentally actually broke the cinema seat which was on my right! I touched it slightly and the entire foldable part of the chair fell apart!

At 2.30am we decided to continue pigging out at McDonald's for some taro pie!

The next morning we got up pretty early to eat more food! So we had the famous curry noodles

It came together with stomach lining !

Not to forget the humongous bowl of char siew, siew yoke, prawns, chicken and bean sprouts

We then opted for something healthier and got a huge pomelo!
Tried the one that has the pink flesh which is both sweet and sour and I must personally say it's much more delicious than the typical white sweet one.

Bryan was pooped out due to the lack of sleep from the previous night so wei yng, kaelan and I opted to look through old videos and photographs while laughing our heads off in response to our shamelessness from years ago.

We then headed to a quaint cafe called burps and giggles (rather amusing name for a cafe)
We got some mango chocolate cheesecake

And also some nomalicious chocolate avocado cake

Bryan. Myself. Wei Yng and Kaelan!
The furniture and the interior design of the cafe was quite unique as the tables were actually doors !

For dinner, we headed together with his entire family for some rice with mixed dishes!
sizzling tofu, minced meat with egg

chicken and bitter gourd in black bean sauce

steamed fish in spicy sauce

Then we caught the last trip back to KL at 9pm and arrived at KL Sentral at 11.30pm only to realise we just missed the last train back to Subang. So unfortunately we had to hire a taxi which cost RM40.
I guess once we split the bill it wasn't as crazy as taking it by yourself.

Thank you Bryan and family for being such great hosts and bringing us to all the best eats there.

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