Saturday, 13 July 2013

Day 13 - Delicious Dim Sum with Family & Dinner with le Jon

I went out with le relatives for lunch today! Aunty Soo Ngoh, Uncle Peng Weng and Aunty Choon!
They took me out for delicious dim sum in Puchong and ordered way too many dishes and yet we were able to scoff them all down!

Minced Pork rolled up in bacon!

Deep fried yam pastry with a savoury sauce in the middle

Roast Duck

Siew Mai (pork dumplings)

Har Gau (prawn dumplings)

Pai Kuat (pork ribs)

Char Siew Pau (pork steamed buns)

Jon then picked me up for dinner and we headed to Mount Kiara! Finally a place that's outside of the Subang area. Yay! It was a really cool place as I don't remember seeing such cool toilets (of all the things to remember right?)

We headed to eat at Ben's which was a fusion restaurant and since they had a long waiting line, we walked all around the shopping mall aimlessly looking at stuff and talking nonstop. Then we finally got our table!

Watermelon lychee blend!

Pad Thai Seafood Linguine!

Teriyaki salmon covered in sesame seeds served with a fresh salad and boiled rice with fish roe 

As if 4 hours of chatting wasn't enough, we headed to Silva's in SS15 for roti tisu (really light tissue-like bread with butter and sugar) and continued talking till we realised I probably needed to sleep haha!

Had a great day catching up with Jon who is Mr. busy at work.
Thank you so much for the treat and for spending half the night driving to search for parking spaces hahaha

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