Sunday, 14 July 2013

Day 14 - Catch up with Charlotte & Sleepover at Yng's

Went to church in the morning as Charlotte picked me up and made it just in time for the same song that I really loved last week (we arrived slightly late).

these dry bones will live again 
We're nothing without You, nothing without You.

Definitely an amazing bridge to the song :) Absolutely loved it.

After church, Charlotte and I went around Summit buying random things that I needed to get like a bag for college, a replacement battery for my phone, earrings and then headed back to my house for hours upon hours of catching up!

Then headed over to Asia Cafe together with my dad and Samuel as it was dad's birthday!
So ordered several dishes and among them was the delicious

xiu long bao
pork dumplings filled with soup made from its own fat (how delish)

Another one of my favourites,

grilled spicy sting ray!

Nom nom nom.

And later in 2 hours going over to Wei Yng's house to sleep :) Yay!

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