Monday, 15 July 2013

Day 15 - Bazaar & Passion Fruit Ken-Ji

After spending hours and hours of relaxing and eating together with Wei Yng as I slept over, I headed to the USJ 4 Ramadhan Bazaar together with Charles, Chee Kin, Jon Wong and Joe Kim!

After scoffing down our ayam percik and returned to my house to play cho dai di!!!
Haven't played this game for about 3 years now!

Funny part was that Joe Kim kept losing almost every game he played but managed to stay in it once, thus he rejoiced tremendously (demonstrated in the photograph)

So the little Seafieldian boys have grown up, slightly. Hahahah!

Then I went to McDonald's later and tried out their new passion fruit Mcflurry with crunchy bits of stuff inside ( not exactly sure what it is )

Went to McD's together with Ken-Ji, the one I didn't get to meet him last week so was good to catch up and rant about stupid stuff. Woo! Tomorrow's another long day with more meet up's so I can't wait!

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