Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Day 16 - A hungry, errand-filled and lazy day

Charlotte (right) picked me up at 8.45am in the morning as we haded to Ooi's Noodle House for the famous pork noodles again in SS15!

Bianca and Chanel both also returned from the US so we were able to meet up!
However, Christian was lazy and didn't come for breakfast. Lazy boy.
Spent the morning girling around and after they went home, Charlotte and I went erranding around SS13, Sunway Pyramid and Empire for random things. Thanks so much Charlotte! Finally got everything on my "shopping list" for my trip to Malaysia.

Later after that, I finally met Jon Ho after school in his ultra white uniform :)
Went for a bite in Gastro Cafe and talked nonstop while running in the rain while getting drenched in 5 seconds of getting from the car to the restaurant or from the car to my house.

Sam Saw joined us later too and then we just became really lazy.
Sat down in the living room staring at each other with nothing much to say. 
Had a little episode when they both began wrestling while I played background music on the piano.

Say hello to Sam's mini box of tic tac! 

Then I had an impromptu meet up with Jeremy Yap who has gone through a tremendous physical change since the last time I saw him. But still the same guy inside anyway which was cool!

Caught up over things that has happened in the past 3 days while eating tandoori chicken

Then had some tiramisu for dessert which I really shouldn't have by the look of the cream..
Looks like I have to start Zumba-ing..man

Thanks Jeremy for the last minute meet up before you fly over to Japan :) Hope you enjoy yourself there for the month coming back chirping away in Japanese.

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