Thursday, 18 July 2013

Day 17 & 18 - le Pappi & neverending mamak sessions

Early in the morning I decided to do some insanity workout to take off the extra weight I've gained since I returned and indulged deeply into Malaysian cuisine. The fitness test itself killed me and my body is aching all over. So..much..effort.

Anyway!  I managed to make my new IC which no longer has my terrible 12 year old Indonesian looking face and actually looks relatively normal now and looks like myself. Then I finally opened my bank account so I've ticked off all the official things I have to do in Malaysia and can now continue to rejoice for my remaining 2 weeks with a carefree mind.

Thanks to Dad for bringing me to do all my official errands and also treating me to good food!

Then I headed over to Ken-Ji's house and watched Prince of Egypt, which he knew every single line off by heart. His mum made some really good fried yam rice with pork and bits of dried shrimp. Tasty...It was a pretty much chill day because I was exhausted.

Also managed to meet le Justina at the park right outside her place..the exact same place we last met too!

Slept over at Dad's house and had "father daughter" time heehee. Interesting to see the topics that we are able to converse about now as compared to before over some Kajang satay that you could get in Taman Tun (ironic stuff). Pretty cool. Slept pretty early before midnight as I was pooped. T'was a good day lads. T'was a good day!

The next morning I had a triple mamak session with le Ken-Ji and had an untypical morning but it was all cool as it was so spontaneous and random.  Had really good nasi lemak by the roadside!

Daniel Yoong then came to pick us both up so we could head to Subang

Where I was able to catch up with Ian Quek and hear all about his ducky stories. (get it...Quek...)
while meeting up with Amanda, Charlotte, Shannon and another Daniel on the side.
Tomorrow long day up! Need some good rest right now! Tired!

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