Saturday, 20 July 2013

Day 19 - Visit to the past!

Visited my old school once more and managed to bump into the "little boys" I used to take care of when I was a prefect in primary school. Funny enough I remember when they were only 7 and now they're 16! It's crazy and a tiny bit sad that they've all grown taller than me.
Hafiz Aiman :)

Puan Shahzalina and Afiq :) Sudah handsome eh small boy? :)

And Zharif too! Kinda cool to see that they still remembered me from a glimpse away. On the other hand I couldn't recognise them as well due to their extreme height change hahah!

Went for SS17's Christian Fellowship and had a mini reunion with the high school besties.
Esther was giving the short Word which was a really short and sweet message about how we as Christians sometimes take to granted that we are able to withstand temptations and not sin...but we actually do in the end. Glad I could help out with the piano playing for praise and worship!

Went home to Sonia's house for some good ol' chicken rice and got to say hello to the parents. Spent the entire day in her room just spacing out (half dead with a headache) while drowning ourselves in Kpop music and Sonia's utmost despair when I didn't know their songs or names.

Went for dinner with my childhood friend, Eunice! Our parents were very close when both of us were just born so we used to quarrel 5 times a day saying things like " I don't friend you " and make up 10 minutes later so we could play card games once more.
It was really nice to see how both of us have grown up so much and yet we're able to chat so much. Hope that I'll be able to see you once more when I come back the next time and hopefully you'll be back from the US as well! Thanks so much for also bringing me to the youth group in FGA USJ now known as NLCC. 


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