Thursday, 25 July 2013

Day 25 - Strutting in KL

In the wee hours of the morning, I headed to Kuala Lumpur to hop from mall to mall together with Kaelan and Wei Yng. We started off with the Petronas Twin Towers. Suria KLCC and had our breakfast in the food court as we couldn't seem to decide on a certain restaurant

We went to the fountain and park area right outside KLCC and began to camwhore!
T'was a really sunny day and we decided to go to the park exactly at 12p.m., when the sun's right on top of your head!

Started fooling around in the park acting like children and doing some jump shots here and there :)

Kaelan and Wei Yng decided to be fancy and we headed to the ultra expensive place in Pavilion to drink a cup of tea! TWG!

So Kaelan and Wei Yng both had the expensive tea whilst I watched and read the book all about their tea.
Found it fascinating that you could get over 100 different types of tea there from all over the world.
The most expensive cup of tea was one from China! It cost about RM377 if I'm not mistaken. that's almost 100 euro for a cup of tea! That's ridiculous!

We left Pavilion and headed towards Sungei Wang to check out the ultra cheap and quirky things you can find there. Went from H and M to Uniqlo and other clothes shops to try on all sorts of things.
Oddly, I don't fancy the cutting of clothes here very much anymore, they don't seem to flatter plumpy people like moi :)

We rushed over on the train to catch a movie in MBO, Subang Parade.
No we didn't watch no movie revolving around One Direction, Wei Yng just wanted a photograph :) 
We went to see Wolverine! Although we missed the first few minutes, it was a cool movie! 
Was even better as we had cold cold air conditioning after sweating like mad due to our sprinting adventure from the train to the cinema.

Had to then say goodbye to the dynamic duo as we parted ways and probably will not see each other for the next year. Was really fun meeting up with you guys quite frequently in my one month and I loved every single impromptu trip we had which tended to revolve around food :)

I love you guys!  

I then continued my outing with Jon Lim at Dave's Deli! He was craving for some lamb chops which were rather tasty and since I was already in Subang Parade, it was an easy option!

 It was also the last time I'll see Jon till probably next year. Thanks for meeting up with me twice during my visit as I know you have such a busy work schedule and all that jazz, but it was really cool to see that you're still the same guy I've known since I was young. HAPPY THOUGHTS :)

P.S. Thanks for all the treats haha!

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