Friday, 26 July 2013

Day 26 - Pork Noodles, Chatime & Chicken Rice

Keith picked me up for breakfast and we fattishly proceeded to the pork noodle store in SS15 to wait for 45 minutes to get our amazing bowls of pork noodles.
Caught up for the last time and once again, thank you for the treat!
:) We'll see each other again possibly in a years time!

Then I finally managed to hang out with this woman! I've been bumping into her several times but never got the chance to really chat. So hello Daphne Khoo! Met up with her, Sonia and Shaun and talked nonsense over some bubble tea at Chatime!

Then we went to have some chicken rice at Kar Heong and bumped into Puan Tan, le primary school Science teacher! What a small world. Was kinda interesting how she still remembered our names! It's been 7 years since I've been in that school and yet she remembered me! Was really cool bumping into her :)

Also had some absolutely delicious char siew and siew yoke over some iced tea and coffee.
Was cool catching up with them to see what I've missed in the past 2 years :)

Went to MPH later to get some stuff for Sonia and we were having some good girly time. Can't believe she's already 17! So small and forever stunted in growth eh? :) Don't worry I love you Sonia!
Thanks Shaun for taking time to see me to with your ultra busy schedule! And also for the treat!

Had fun hanging with you guys :) Hopefully I'll see you around.

Sonia, DON'T FORGET TO WRITE ME LETTERS! :) Don't let them stop! :)

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