Sunday, 28 July 2013

Day 28 - God's Amazing :)

Today I headed to church with an expectant heart, ready to listen to what He had in store for me and boy was I blown away. We had an invited speaker all the way from Australia and he brought a simple but very powerful message.

We need to dream dreams that are extraordinary and out of our means so that God will be able to perform miracles. If we doubt from the start, why do we complain to God when we don't get our breakthrough?

There was a time of healing at the end of the service and it was amazing to see countless people getting healed on the spot. Aches that have been there for months, gone. Serious injuries that were existent for 2 years were being healed on the spot.

Instead of praying for God to heal us, we should claim it and declare that He will and has already healed us. If you read your Bible, have you ever seen Jesus once pray for the sick? No! He just declared that healing had already taken place because of their faith.

I myself had my own physical pain that I was worrying about and I claim that in Jesus' name that it would be gone and even though I can't see the results myself without medical tests, I trust that it is done :) This is my faith and if you are reading this and are feeling skeptical, I'm merely just writing about what happened to me this morning and it's what I believe because my God is AMAZING.

After church I headed over to my grandmother's and aunt's house to say goodbye before I fly back to Ireland this Tuesday. Had some good lunch and then went to do some last minute shopping :)

Then I met up with le boy that hast returned from India! 
Zhu En finally in the flesh. Thank goodness we were able to meet up once before I leave for Ireland this Tuesday.

It was an awesome reunion with some of my classmates even though all couldn't make it.
Zhu En, Choon Thye, Previn, alan, Michelle, Annesha, Jess and myself
 Went from Asia Cafe to Snowflakes just talking about nothing and everything.

Also managed to meet up with Dad for the last time before my flight over some food and drinks. 
Glad that I got to meet up with you a couple of times while I was back and can't wait till I see you again in a year's time :) Love you dad

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