Monday, 29 July 2013

Day 29 - Final Goodbyes

Early in the morning, Shaun, Chia Sing and I sleepily headed over to Kota Kemuning for breakfast and an extreme chill session at Chia Sing's house where we almost just fell asleep on the couches in the living room.
Early mornings don't treat us very well :)

Met up with Charissa for a brief moment which was kinda cool as I thought I wouldn't be able to meet up with her before I leave tomorrow. She's the same as always :)  

Had catch up session with Damien as well while getting stuck in the highly dreaded jam in SS15 due to the Sri KL students being picked up from school. took me half an hour just to get to Empire which is usually 5 minutes away. Was crazy!

Had a pampering session for myself as I went to redeem my Groupon voucher!
A manipedi and foot bath at the Crimson Nail Studio in Empire for only RM35! She also did a very good job in the nail art as she hand painted each swirl. Very good service and excellent quality and range of designs and colours to choose from :)

Returned to hang out with le Xing, Jessica and Esther for a quick one hour catch up and goodbye session before I left. took about 40 random photographs that were rather obscene with too much crop crop crop crop crop! Yay for photo editing programs.

Was nice to hang out with all of you again and the massive group hug at the end made me almost tear :)

Went for dinner with the gang as another farewell dinner.
Daniel, Ken-Ji, Charlotte, myself, Justina, Joben, Amanda.

Yi Wei was there too for a brief moment before she had to scurry along to work :)

Thank you to every single person who took their time out to meet up with me regardless of school, college, work and examinations. It felt really warm to come back to such a welcome and help from every single person who ferried me around, treated me to meals and talked for hours as if I never left.

You made the past 29 days special. All of you :)

And now I look forward to returning to Ireland, my second home :)

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