Thursday, 4 July 2013

Day 3 & 4 - A Sea-filled (seafield) day

Continuation of Day 3

Headed to Murni's together with JoBen, Ken-Ji, Amanda and newly found friend, Joshua Loke at 11pm to enjoy a mamak session complete with Roti Hawaii (bread filled with minced beef, sausages and pineapples cooked over a heated surface). Thank you for the treat JoBen!

Day 4

Had breakfast with the lovely couple Chia Sing and Shaun Chien who have such attractive faces indeed.
Decided to go to Old Town in Taipan for a typical Malaysian breakfast and boy did I satisfy my cravings

Toasted brown bread filled with kaya (coconut jam) and slabs of butter!

Soft boiled eggs!

Then the both of them came over to my house just to chillax and talk, annoy one another, take photographs before heading off to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with Justin, Kenneth and Jian.

Landed at Sushi Zanmai and ate Japanese food! Finally!
Salmon ; Tamago Mentai (sweet egg with some special mayo sauce) and fish roe
Spent the lunch time chugging down hot green tea and laughing over almost everything...especially Chia Sing.. (inside joke)

Then after saying goodbye to those ex-Seafieldians, I met up with more! Wei Yng and Kaelan!

Wong Wei Yng who thinks she's fat. Ah this girl needs a new pair of glasses :)
Had an amazing time catching up over nonsensical things

Kaelan's treat of freshly sinful J. Co. Donuts. mine was filled with coffee cream whereas his was tiramisu if I'm not mistaken? However this was all an evil scheme before they made me go to drink a horrible herbal chinese medicinal tea to solve my manly sore throat problem... it was nasty.


Then Kaelan, Wei Yng and myself went over to Subang Parade to catch Monsters University which was an amazing movie. Thoroughly enjoyed it, many laughs and liked how it wasn't entirely predictable and how it tied in together with its first movie

We then proceeded to Manhattan Fish Market to grab the amazing offer of RM6.99 for fish and chips! Special offers, ah they are absolutely lovely. Not to forget a bottomless glass of iced peach tea.

Thank you Kaelan for the treat of the movie as well and I can't wait to see both of you again next week! Didn't realise how much I've missed your insanity.

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