Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Day 3 - Brains and Vitagen

Keith picked me up 40 minutes late (shame on you) and Andy couldn't make it cos of work unfortunately. But we shalt meet on Monday! I was craving for air conditioning so off to Sunway Pyramid it was! Headed for breakfast at Pappa Rich and spent the remaining several hours walking around endlessly in circles around the mall till our feet went numb.

Then I realised that Cody had moved into the same housing area as myself which means, easy meet ups for this month! Wooo! And this time we went to Subang Parade instead and walked endlessly once more till I got peckish

Cucur Udang (prawn fritters)with chilli sauce! from the new little food court in Subang which is amazing!

Otak-Otak (steamed fish paste with spices) Otak in direct translation is brains in Malay which isn't anything to do with what it actually is hahah! It was so tasty and flavourful!

And I did what I finally wanted to do since I was a child but never dared to do so.
I bought an entire package of Vitagen (yoghurt drink) and poked straws in all of them and drank them all without removing the plastic while walking around Subang Parade as passerbys stared at me strangely.

Felt amazing!

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