Friday, 5 July 2013

Day 5 - New this, new that

Today I decided to dye my hair and give a little snip to its ends as I found a really good deal on Groupon Malaysia which cost only RM60 (15 euros) and I'm pretty happy with its result! 

Not to forget I got myself a new pair of glasses (Angry Bird brand haha!) which actually suits the hair colour very much too.


Then had an impromptu meet up with Derrick Liew who I haven't seen in an extremely long time, someone I knew when I was 11 going to the same tuition by Puan Ong. One word that defines him


Totally different from before as I was able to have a full conversation with him ahahah! 
Mr previously socially awkward!

Thank you so much for treating me to le Sushi King's bowl of soba noodles and green tea and also for giving me a lift home so I didn't need to walk under the hot sun. Then I headed to Xing's house for a couple of hours talking about absolute nonsense lying on her comfy bed and laughing about the absent Hsien Zern.

I then met up with Sam Saw, Aaron and Mayean for dinner/supper as they had come back from a Digi event. Spent the time being noisy and talking about every second thing that came to mind.

Bak Kut Teh!!!! Man I've missed you.
A hot bowl of herbal soup with pork, fucuk and straw mushrooms on freshly boiled rice and cut up garlic! 
So tasty! 

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