Saturday, 6 July 2013

Day 6 - Time for a showdown

Woke up way too early in the morning and so decided to join Choon Thye and his friends even though they were all playing basketball. The bus to Sunway conveniently stopped about 200m before the actual stop exactly when I was there so I didn't have to walk as much! Woohoo!

Then Alan, Choon Thye and myself decided to splurge a little in Sakae Sushi and ordered a sushi set meant for 4-6 people...for just the 3 of us and we successfully finished it.

Not to mention we also had chawanmushi and sashimi on the side!

Previn also came by for about an hour and brought me chocolates. How sweet.
Had good chatalat times with them and then hopped on to another bus to head to church! Unfortunately I didn't know it was taking the long route so I ended up several minutes late for the service. 
HOWEVER, I managed to randomly talk to this guy on the bus and invited him over to church! haha

Then the girlies Amanda, Cheryl, Charlotte and myself drove over to Stadium Negara in order to witness the Final Showdown 2013 and thankfully managed to snag one of the last parking spaces available

We were there to support Damien Woo Win Kit who got us tickets for the "friends and family" area which meant we got a pretty good standing place near the stage which meant I could get good photographs! Woo!

Him and his crew, Keynectix and their dance video is below. Unfortunately they didn't win in their category but they were good nonetheless. The other crews were amazing as well all with contrasting elements and themes which made it really entertaining to watch

Little did I know that Joe Kim a friend from long ago was also part of the Keynectix Crew.
Pretty small world.

Not to mention I got to be on television for probably 2 seconds screaming from the crowd hahahah.

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