Monday, 8 July 2013

Day 8 - O2jam mini meet up

Woke up to realise that Daphne couldn't meet up with me so walked over to Parade and Empire to wander. Pretty depressing. Thankfully later in the afternoon Xing and Hsien Zern were free to hang with, so we went grocery shopping! Wooo. Got me some mango peach yoghurt drink!

Then met up with Keith and Andy for dinner at Sakae Sushi!
Both I've known through a game, o2jam which I played when I was probably 13. But still pretty cool that we meet up now! Both of them were extremely nice by ordering the huge sushi set for the three of us...

AND I DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY (screams and scoffs away)

On the way back we wonderfully took the wrong turn due to changing the music too much and concentrating on it...till we realised we forgot to change lanes and ended up heading towards the toll.
Thank you so much for the meet up, the chatting, the brain teasers and the free food of course!

See you guys again next week? yes? :)

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