Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Day 9 & 10 - Food Bazaar

Day 9

Kah Tsin came over to pick me up and we proceeded to get Wei Yng as well.
As usual, we weren't very decisive on where to have our lunch. However, I had a sudden craving and we happened to be driving right past the very restaurant.

Nirvana's banana leaf rice! 
Delicious biryani rice with chicken, cucumber salad, spinach, spicy battered bitter gourd, curry lamb served on a banana leaf Absolutely delicious

Then we hopped over to get coconut shakes as well as durian! 
However, durian wasn't exactly lovely as it wasn't the best standard and I couldn't exactly afford the really costly one. Then hung out in Wei Yng's house catching up over stuff. 

Later a couple of us headed over to the curry fish head restaurant in SS15 and funnily enough we didn't order the head but just the body as most of us there weren't the best at eating fish heads haha!
Together with sambal kangkung, braised tofu and sticky marmite chicken the meal was heavenly

Schaefer, Elaine, Beatrice, Myself and Xing in the front
Matthew and Nigel in the back.

Nice to see the gang all back together again! Not to forget the super catch up with Matt when the day was coming to an end.

Day 10

Slept in for the first time in Malaysia till 11 something then Dad came over to pick me up and we had lovely capati with lamb curry at Kelana Jaya and also stopped by to visit my grandma! Unfortunately my aunt wasn't around so I guess I'll have to make another pit stop!

Then headed towards Big Hug in Subang Square where I tried the Honolulu Charcoal Burger for the first time and it was exceedingly delicious! Got a bite out of Michelle's burger as I was too full to buy one myself!

Esther and I being extremely attractive. 
Shared a basket of onion rings and the refillable cup of any of the soft drinks

Then Michelle and I headed over to get stuck in a traffic jam for quite awhile as we ventured over to the Ramadhan Food Bazaar in USJ4 as the fasting for my Muslim friends began today!

Returned home with happy tummies ready to devour some 
ayam percik (spicy barbecued chicken on a stick)
asam laksa (fat spongey noodles with a spicy fishy soup with cucumbers, onions and chillies)
sugarcane juice!

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