Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Final Day - Return to Ireland

Daniel arrived at my house at 7 in the morning together with Charlotte and we went to KLIA!
Grabbed some nescafe ais at Shell before heading there and good thing I did as we didn't have time to snag some breakfast before I boarded on the plane.

Thank you to the both of you for giving up your time and petrol to send me off at the airport! 
Said my goodbyes and soon I was off on the 12 hour flight to London. 
The flight was extremely pleasant. I usually hate flights in general but this flight flew by so quickly. After 2 movies, a couple of tv shows and loads of good food, I arrived at London.

There were complications with my baggage allowance as I unknowingly had an excess of 10kg which would cost a bomb. My mind was going helter skelter as I had to do several things during my transit to Ireland. I had to do more check-ins, more complicated travel within the airport but thanks to God and really helpful people there, I didn't have to pay for any excess baggage and I arrived in time for the flight with time to spare for some munchies. 

Arrived at Shannon to see my person there to welcome me :) Athiei drove me home and I unpacked together with him and mum while catching up so much as well as showing all the grub I had brought back from Malaysia.


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